There are over 300 white, golden, black and pink sand beaches in Costa Rica. It is safe to say that there is a beach in Costa Rica for every type of beach-lover! There are days at the beach and then there are days at the beach that are lavish, indulgent, selfie-worthy yet carefree. Let us design your exclusive Beach Day designed just for you, family and friends, and you’ll feel the difference.

Whether you want to enjoy a private gourmet picnic all set-up on a secluded palm tree-lined beach, share a romantic candle-lit gourmet dinner touching toes in the sand with the love of your life, dance around a bonfire and howl at the moon with your best friends, or have a little sunset soiree complete with champagne and charcuterie, say the words and we’ll make it happen.

Close your eyes and picture your perfect beach experience. Now open your eyes, jump forward a few weeks or months, and experience on a real beach in Costa Rica! We are passionate Beach Day designers and can craft the perfect Beach Day on the perfect stretch of sand.

Relax, we’ll take care of the rest.

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