12 Activities and Tours in Costa Rica That Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

While Costa Rica is an exceptionally romantic destination for lovers, it is equally as fantastic for families. There are so many activities to do in Costa Rica that your children and teenagers will be over-the-moon excited to be doing with you. A family vacation to Costa Rica is the perfect way to make your family closer and happier than ever.

White water rafting

White water rafting in Costa Rica is an adventure your family will never forget! There are several world-class rivers in Costa Rica with class III, IV, and V rapids. White water rafting takes team work, and a family that rafts together stays together!

White Water Rafting. Pure Luxury Costa Rica.

Waterfall repelling  

Imagine standing on top of a magnificent waterfall that falls into a brilliant blue forest pool. Now imagine repelling your way down to that pool. That is waterfall repelling. This heart-pumping activity is sure to give you an adrenaline high and a bout of laughter when you reach the cool pool below. Repelling down a waterfall with surely be a family highlight.

Canopy zip lining  

One of the most popular family activities in Costa Rica is canopy zip lining. This is a truly unique experience where you will get to fly through the trees and view the wild forest from above; a view point not everyone gets to experience in their lifetime. Kids absolutely love this one!

Canopy Zip Lining. Pure Luxury Costa Rica.

Sailing catamaran tour

 A catamaran tour, either private or with other families, is a very stress-free, no worry, and hands-off family activity. Typically, these fun sailing trips last about four hours and are complete with an open bar, delicious snacks and lunch, snorkeling gear, water toys, and an opportunity to swim and float in a protected bay. Not to mention, the setting is perfect for that family photo you told yourself you were going to get on this trip.

River boat tour 

A river boat tour is anything but boring. Taking a boat safari down a river like the Tempisque River is sure to be filled with a lot of jaw-drops. Low elevation rivers in Costa Rica are teeming with wildlife, including dense populations of giant crocodiles. This is a nature-rich experience where you and your family will have the opportunity to get really close to some wonderfully wild creatures.

River Boat Tour. Pure Luxury Costa Rica.

Nature hiking (day and night)

 Costa Rica is bursting at the seams with plants and animals. Taking a guided day or night hike through the rainforest, cloud forest, or tropical dry forest is your best chance at spotting some of Costa Rica’s most iconic animals. If you have the chance, you should definitely take at least one day and one night hike since some animals are diurnal and other are nocturnal.

Stand-up paddle boarding 

There are countless protected bays and estuaries in Costa Rica that are ideal for stand-up paddle boarding. For those who have never tried this popular water activity, fret not, it is something that you can learn in less than a day. This is a unique way to explore the shallow waterways and spend time as a family outdoors and in nature. It is also a great way to spot marine and river wildlife.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Pure Luxury Costa Rica.


There are beginner-friendly surf breaks all up and down the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is an excellent place to learn and practice surfing. A private surf guide can help make your family’s quest for standing up on a wave a success. For fast learners or already experienced surfers, your surf guide can take you to some of the best breaks in the country.

Chocolate tour

What kid doesn’t LOVE chocolate? Costa Rica is famous for its cacao and chocolate. Taking a guided tour to learn about the entire process from cacao to chocolate bar is a fascinating and truly delicious experience that the entire family will enjoy.

Chocolate Tour. Cacao Pure Luxury Costa Rica.

ATV excursion

Got a teenager with a need for speed? Here’s a family activity that is sure to bring a beaming smile to your kid’s face. From cruising alongside lush mountains to deserted dirt roads that lead to hidden beaches, this is an exhilarating way to explore a part of Costa Rica.

Combo all-day adventure

Can’t decide what to do? All-day combo adventure tours take away the need to choose just one activity. Many combo tours combine between three and five activities like zip lining, horseback riding, ATV-ing, hiking, and waterfall repelling. There are even options to completely customize your very own combo tour.