Seven Solid Reasons You Should Make Costa Rica Your Next Vacation Destination


Every year two million people from all around the globe are drawn to Costa Rica’s beaches, forests, mountains, volcanoes, resorts, and retreats. There is a magnetism about this special country that comes from its inspiring beauty, diverse wildlife, lovely locals, natural and cultural landmarks, luxurious and environmentally-conscious accommodations, and the ease in which both novice and seasoned travelers can experience all that Costa Rica has to offer.

If you are on the fence about whether or not Costa Rica should be your next vacation destination, let these seven reasons help solidify your decision.



Did you know that nearly a quarter of Costa Rica is protected as national parks and wildlife reserves, and that almost 6% of the world’s biodiversity thrives within these protected ecosystems? In fact, there are twelve different ecosystems that you can visit, and each has its own cast of wild characters.

Alongside an experienced and highly knowledgeable naturalist and guide, you can see animals that you may have only dreamed of ever seeing, including sloths, monkeys, wild cats, iridescent butterflies, and brilliantly colored tropical birds.

Not only is spending time in nature completely fascinating, it is also good for your health. What better way to disconnect from your everyday life than by reconnecting with Mother Earth deep in a rainforest?

Baby Brown throated Three toed sloth in the mangrove, Caribbean, Pure Luxury Costa Rica

Warm Tropical Seas and Beaches

The average surface sea temperature in Costa Rica is a pleasantly refreshing 79°F. The warm shallow seas are favored by sea turtles, whales, dolphins, stingrays, manta rays, and a wonderful variety of tropical fish. This inviting temperature is also ideal for spending the day soaking, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, or snorkeling in the sea.

And the beaches, ahh the beaches. Too many to count but with 700-miles of coastline there are a lot of beaches, white sand, gold sand and volcanic black sands. There are Blue Flag beaches up and down the coast symbolizing very pristine waters and beach. And maybe the best news, most are not crowded, you’ll find many times you are the only ones there to enjoy.

Manuel Antonio, National Park in Costa Rica - beautiful tropical beach at pacific coast. Pure Luxury Costa Rica.


Costa Rica is a playground for the adventure-minded traveler. There are so many exhilarating adventure activities to do here including white water rafting, waterfall repelling, canopy zip lining, horseback riding, hiking, scuba diving, sea kayaking, fishing, ATV-ing and of course surfing, amazing surfing. Ready to get wet and wild?

Happy smiling woman sits on the surfboard in the ocean. Pure Luxury Costa Rica

Relaxation and Rejuvenation  

A trip to Costa Rica can cover the entire spectrum if you so desire it to, from adventure and activities every day to complete and utter relaxation. Costa Rica is the perfect place to unwind and let your daily worries and stresses melt away.

You can treat yourself to spa treatments that incorporate nourishing ingredients straight from the earth like volcanic mud, coconut, honey, mango, coffee, and cacao. You can take a long soak in a natural hot spring, swing yourself to sleep in a hammock beneath a beautiful palm tree, or float in an infinity pool while savoring a fruity frozen cocktail. Or, maybe you want to still your mind and move your body by practicing yoga in an open-air shala or simply do nothing and just embrace the sounds of nature.


If you are seeking 1,000 tread count Egyptian cotton sheets, a private veranda with an ocean-view jacuzzi, personal concierge service, sensational meals served alongside a vast vistas, a romantic and private ambience, and convenient access to an array of amazing activities and amenities, you can find all of that in Costa Rica.

While Costa Rica can definitely accommodate any type of budget, it really shines when it comes to luxury accommodations, restaurants, and services. If you know the right luxury concierge and experience company J 


Costa Rican culture is very colorful in so many ways. The capital city of San José is home to museums, art galleries, yearly festivals, music and sporting events, and live theater. There are also ample opportunities to learn about Costa Rica’s rich history and indigenous communities while traveling outside of the city, places like Guanacaste and Nicoya Peninsula. We can all definitely learn something from Costa Rica’s past and present way of life.

3_carreta guanacasteca. Pure Luxury Costa Rica

Pura Vida

Pura Vida (literally translate to “pure life”) is a way of life in Costa Rica and one that everyone who visits Costa Rica can embrace and take home with them. Pura Vida is about living simply and consciously, thriving in the present, embracing and respecting nature, spending quality time with the ones you love, and making the time to do the things that bring you the most joy. It is also about taking care of yourself through rest, movement, and food.

It is not hard to experience Pura Vida while you are in Costa Rica. It is a pretty contagious ideology. It is this way of thinking, living, and acting that can truly enrich your experience here and grant you the chance to connect more deeply with yourself, nature, and the ones whom you are exploring this alluring country with.