Tamarindo Receives Prestigious Blue Flag Award!

Tamarindo has officially become Blue Flag approved! With the help from many community organizations and residents, this Guanacaste surf mecca and lively beach town boasting fantastic dining options, luxury accommodations and endless water activities recently was awarded the prestigious Blue Ecological Flag.

You might be thinking what in the world is the Blue Flag award? The Blue Ecological Flag is in fact a sustainable certification which shows importance for two reasons–first being it demonstrates the area’s strong values toward taking care of the planet and also that the Tamarindo community prides themselves in improving their surroundings.

Guanacaste’s Efforts Toward a Greener Costa Rica 

“Tamarindo is tourist destination, and everyone who lives here works for tourism directly or indirectly. Today the market trends and consumer behaviors to show that sustainability issues are very important when deciding a product or service, and that’s another reason why we must focus on improving the sustainability of our businesses and community. The Blue Flag shows that we are going in this direction. It can be applied by all the businesses of the community, and this is the only way to continue being an international tourism destination,” said Jordi Rivera, the head of the Tamarindo Blue Flag Committee.

Being awarded the Blue Flag honor is no walk along the beach. It takes dedication and time, persistence and community effort.

“It has been really hard to get the Blue Flag. First, we needed a team of people committed to work hard, and that has been possible thanks to CCTT (Tamarindo Chamber of Commerce and Tourism). Then we needed to put together all the efforts from our town’s organizations and businesses who are working to better our community– such as: Hotel Cala Luna, Asada Tamarindo, ADI Tamarindo, Salvemonos, Surf Rider Foundation, Cepia, Clean Wave, Municipalidad de Santa Cruz and Bomberos de Costa Rica,” said Rivera.

The Blue Flag, which Tamarindo received on behalf of the entire community, focuses on the most crucial aspects of the area, which is overseen by the country’s National Committee and other country-wide ecological organizations. The main sections looked at for the Blue Flag are drinkable water, protected green areas, solid waste, recycling, street cleaning, liquid waste, road signs, environmental education, public health, water springs protection and security.

Even though the Blue Flag is now in Tamarindo’s hand, this Guanacaste surf town must continue their conservation work, striving to hold onto the Blue Flag award for the years to come.