The Wildest and Most Adventurous Experiences Ever

Costa Rica is a country where if you want to do something new and exhilarating every single day of your vacation you absolutely can. For a month! There are literally hundreds of adventure activities and experiences to suit all different types of adventure and nature lovers in Costa Rica…and we are here to help you discover what is perfect for you.

From repelling down a secret waterfall, galloping on horseback on a deserted stretch of beach, embracing your child-like spirit and swinging like Tarzan through the jungle, conquering a class IV rapid that cuts through the rainforest, or hiking to the top of the highest peak in Costa Rica to see both the Pacific and Caribbean coast at the same time, we are confident that we can quench your thirst for adventure.

There are enough adventure activities to do in Costa Rica to keep your friends, family and kids beaming with bliss. Costa Rica is a lot of things and incredibly fun is definitely one of them. What type of thrill you are seeking? just let us know and we will design experiences to match your adventurous wishes.