Do you want to set off on a private surf excursion to surf waves that most people will never see outside of a photograph? Do you want to be surrounded by nothing but the vast swell-ridden sea and a tropical beach and forest backdrop? Whether you are a first-timer or a life-time surfer, Costa Rica has the waves that have been breaking in your surf dreams.

There are left and right point breaks, beach breaks, reef breaks, and river mouths that attract epic waves almost all year around. On top of the variety and abundance of waves in Costa Rica, the locals are friendly, the water is always clear, warm, and ocean and landscapes will fill your soul with butterflies.

Knowing the right spot to go for the swell direction, size, tide, and your level and being on the right board for the type of waves and your ability will make a world of a difference in your surf experience in Costa Rica. The beauty of having your very own private surf guide is that you will have all of the local knowledge, guidance, and equipment you need to make your time in the sea and surf completely bliss-provoking.

We work with only the most exceptional and knowledgeable private surf guides and luxury surf boats in Costa Rica to take the guess work out of planning your first-class surf safari in Costa Rica. Our guides will not only take you to some of the most famous surf spots in Costa Rica, but also to some of the ones that aren’t on the map and are likely to be free of other surfers.

There is no better knowledge when it comes to surfing than local knowledge. If you want to take your first lesson, book an all-day surf and boat adventure, or just have someone with you who knows the lay of the sea and surf here, we can make that happen.

The surf is always up somewhere in Costa Rica. Let us take you out for an epic day on the water.