Be One with the Fish on this Free Diving and Spearfishing Excursion

Have you ever experienced life below the surface of the sea without the weight of scuba gear and the fish-startling sound of regulator bubbles? Free diving is an experience unmatched by any other form of diving. Once you learn the surprisingly simple techniques that accompany the art of free diving, you will be amazed at how much more intimate and peaceful your experience in the ocean and amongst the resident marine life can be.

This unique free diving and spearfishing excursion is unlike any other ocean experience you will have in Costa Rica. If you’ve gone spearfishing several times before or have completed at least an introductory free diving and spearfishing course, this is a must-do ocean experience.

You will spend two hours free diving and spearfishing alongside a professional free diving guide off the Catalina Islands. Here you will have a truly rich and memorable experience silently swimming alongside thousands of tropical fish, large game fish, sea turtles, rays, sharks, and possibly even whale sharks and dolphins. This is no better place to free dive and spearfish than in the Catalina Islands!

Experience Highlights:

  • Breath Work Demonstration
  • Safety, Equipment & Technique Demonstration
  • Target Practice
  • Coastal Spearfishing Session with your private licensed guide
  • Snorkeling (try it with our mermaid tail!)
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Luxury Culinary Experience by your Private Chef
  • Delicious Beach BBQ
  • A Variety of Specialty Mixology
  • Beautiful Mountaintop Sunset Hike
  • Bonfire
  • Bioluminescent Swim
  • Private round-trip Transportation

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