Experience the Tropical Forest of Arenal from Above and Below the Canopy

Set off on a sensational guided nature walk through the mystical Arenal rainforest. This unique experience grants you access to not only life on the forest floor but also to what’s happening high up in the forest canopy. You will walk along a trail and a series of varying elevation suspension bridges around 2.5 miles loop.

Witnessing all the different levels of the rainforest offers a truly complete and intimate connection with the vast amount of life that thrives in this lush and verdant ecosystem. This peaceful and awe-provoking nature tour is one that the entire family will love.

Your professional and highly experienced private naturalist and guide will be able to show you plants and animals that you would likely miss on your own, and share with you a wealth of fascinating information about this rich environment. There is no feeling quite like the feeling of being surrounded by such natural beauty and wildlife. Not to mention, the enlivening feeling of walking in such peaceful woods and breathing in the freshest air that you have ever filled your lungs with.

Experience Highlights:

  • Hanging Bridges: Sky Walk hanging bridges not only have impressive views, they are also impressive by themselves, with distances up to 236m (774ft) and heights up to 70m (230ft).
  • Become one with nature: Trails and hanging bridges are designed and maintained to cause the lowest impact to nature, trying always to keep the forest intact for everything living in it.
  • Your personal Naturalist Guide: Your naturalist guide will take you this experience and will share with you intriguing facts and point out distinctive flora and fauna of the area, amazing details one might miss.
  • Unparalleled Biodiversity: Sky Walk hanging bridges are perfect to appreciate Costa Rica’s magnificent and world recognized biodiversity by walking and admiring nature from different perspectives.
  • Original Hanging Bridges: Costa Rica Sky Adventures are the founders of world famous Sky Walk, the first hanging bridges in Costa Rica. Years have led us to provide a top of the line experience.

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